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Training that provides the ‘real world’ tools
for the prevention and response to bullying and harassment.

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In this module, learners will understand how common and seemingly minor conflicts can negatively impact their work environment if they remain unaddressed. However, learners can take heart in knowing that workplaces are mostly made up of reasonable people, and that unwanted behaviors can be effectively managed with the use of straightforward, everyday communication. Learners will learn what constitutes bullying, harassment, and human rights violations. They will also understand what does not constitute bullying and harassment.

During this lesson, participants will:
  • Define and differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the workplace – i.e., bullying, harassment, discrimination, etc.
  • Challenge themselves to objectively think about their response to conflict and understand that they do have choice in how they might respond to conflict in the future
  • Reflect on their previous actions and behaviours at work
  • Use straightforward, everyday communication and, if necessary, follow appropriate processes to effectively respond to and manage unwanted behaviors
  • Appreciate the benefits of dealing with situations before they escalate
  • Understand the features of ARETE’s training, including its emphasis on building confidence while practicing new skills gained throughout each of the 4 modules

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**Users have a maximum of 30 days to complete the course from the first day the course has been accessed